The Brand

Our brand was built on creating something for the culture that is Miami - a melting pot. Through our collections and capsules we plan to display streetwear fashion that's affordable yet eye catching. Our founder was born in Cuba and immigrated to Miami at a young age in the early 2000s; an era where fashion truly made a statement. She later fell in love with New York city where she found a lot of inspiration influencing her styling and designing. However, the brand didn't come together until she was living in Charlotte, NC in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and she felt like she needed to finally take her creativity to a global level. She used her experiences and many other influences to create unique styles specifically made with gender neutrality in mind.

We support LGBTQ+, Black Lives Matter, immigrants and our brothers and sisters in the armed forces. We are pro-choice, we believe in kindness, we believe in forgiveness and we believe in the fight for human rights and equality for all.

If you're going to wear our clothes, wear 'em with pride. We create to make the world a better place and make people feel good, no matter what they identify as.